Ultrasound for Goat Pregnancy Scanning

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Welcome to your online goat pregnancy scanning course. The modules below aim to deliver a combination of the theory and practice of ultrasound scanning. You do not necessarily have to do each module in order. Modules 3, 5, 6 and 9 are the more practical of the modules, designed to start improving your scanning immediately. You can always jump to these modules, and go back over the more academic side later.

You may have questions as you go through this course, or you may have some of your own scan images you’d like feedback on. We are here to support you, so if you need help, please email contact@animalultrasoundassociation.org


Module 1: What is ultrasound?

Module 2: Reflections

Module 3: Scanning technique

Module 4: The three types of spatial resolution

Module 5: The 4 controls you need to start scanning now!

Module 6: Developmental stages

Module 7: Performing measurements

Module 8: Attenuation 

Module 9: Advanced Image Optimization & Artifacts

Module 10: Ultrasound Safety & Biohazards

Bonus Module 11: The role of ultrasound in urolithiasis

Bonus Module 12: Fetal sexing in cattle

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