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Veterinary Echocardiography

If you are a registered veterinarian, vet tech or vet student then you can access free echo cases every month through the Animal Ultrasound Association. Each case will include image optimisation tips and tricks, as well as background and discussion on the case itself.

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Confidence With Small Animal Echocardiography – Online Course

Performing your own echocardiograms can be hugely empowering. It allows you to rule in or out overt cardiac disease without referral to a cardiologist; to guide patient management (such as the staging of mitral valve disease in dogs, or treatment of feline patients with HCM); and to investigate murmurs found in pre-operative checks.

Ultimately, confidence with echocardiography brings you more control over your working day, greater job satisfaction, and greater freedom. Many peripatetic vets, too, are adding echocardiography to their skillset, because it is always in high demand.

The aim of this programme is to accelerate your learning so that precious scanning time is spent putting your learning into practice, rather than struggling to interpret what you see. You will be equipped with a clear roadmap to follow, so that you can begin obtaining diagnostic information immediately, right from your very first view.

In addition to the 8 core modules you will complete, you will have lifetime access to monthly echo drop-in sessions and continuous mentorship via our invite-only veterinary echocardiography Facebook group.

Click here to book a consultation with us, to find out whether this course is the right fit for you, or click the button below to book now.

Companion Animal Pregnancy Scanning

Journey from total beginner to complete confidence with using ultrasound to confirm and monitor pregnancy in dogs and cats.

Led by sonographer Catherine Stowell, you will learn all the tips, tricks, and pitfalls of canine and feline pregnancy scanning – and become confident with ultrasound in the process. Regardless of your level of experience or ultrasound machine, if you follow the steps in this programme, you will be able to offer a pregnancy scanning service within weeks.

This course comes with lifelong access, expert support and community membership. 

Due to the fact that we often discuss and walk through cases from real patients in clinical practice, this course is strictly for veterinarians, vet nurses and vet techs only. 

Introduction to Echocardiography – Online Beginner Module

Free Online CPD

Free one-hour interactive foundation course on echocardiography basics, designed for those with no previous experience. By the end of this module, you will be able to recognise major landmarks from two key windows.

Register below to be sent a link to start your course. With online access, you can start your course anytime and anywhere.

The four introductory modules include:

  1. Say hello to the heart – Get familiar with the Apical 4-chamber view
  2. Surveying the heart – Learn the Right Parasternal Long Axis and Outflow views from where you can quickly spot significant cardiac disease
  3. Turning 90 degrees – Learn to interpret the Right Parasternal Short Axis view
  4. Revise and test your knowledge through both short questions and our interactive echo labelling system.

This introductory course focuses on 2D imaging, meaning that almost anybody can get started right away – even if you do not own a machine with a phased array probe or Doppler capability. The views you will learn can even be obtained with a standard microconvex transducer.

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