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Endocarditis on echocardiography

Endocarditis is caused by a bacterial infection and can only be confirmed by positive blood cultures; however, it is sometimes possible to see the vegetations on echocardiography, or at the

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Colour Doppler image

What does this echocardiogram show?

This short-axis image is to accompany our “What’s going on here?” poll in our Veterinary Echocardiography Facebook group. If you are interested in joining our community and casting your vote,

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Dual CPD Accreditation Awarded

Those who follow the work of the Animal Ultrasound Association are aware of our stance on non-professional, paid-for ‘accreditations’ like CPD. However, it is an unfortunate truth that the general

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Uterine torsion in dogs

Uterine Torsion – what it is, what to do There has been some concern recently in the canine world regarding the potential link between scanning and uterine torsion. Whether you

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Can I scan pregnant women?

As tempting as it may be to turn your training and ultrasound machine to use on pregnant humans, unless you have registered as a provider with the Care Quality Commission

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What is suicide right ventricle?

A puppy was referred for echocardiography for suspicion of a PDA, due to a grade six heart murmur. We actually found severe pulmonary stenosis, and you can follow the story

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