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Cor triatriatum

Canine cor triatriatum

Cor triatriatum sinister is a congenital heart defect that results in the left atrium being divided into two chambers. The division is made of a fibromuscular membrane, and its degree

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Veterinary echocardiography

Measuring in Echocardiography is hard!

The paper ‘Automated echocardiographic left ventricular dimension assessment in dogs using artificial intelligence‘ was published last month. On the face of it, it seems like it’s a paper all about

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What is EPSS used for?

EPSS stands for “E–Point to Septal Separation,” and refers to the distance between the tip of the septal (or anterior) mitral valve leaflet and the interventricular septum during diastole. It

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Endocarditis on echocardiography

Endocarditis is caused by a bacterial infection and can only be confirmed by positive blood cultures; however, it is sometimes possible to see the vegetations on echocardiography, or at the

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Colour Doppler image

What does this echocardiogram show?

This short-axis image is to accompany our “What’s going on here?” poll in our Veterinary Echocardiography Facebook group. If you are interested in joining our community and casting your vote,

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