Scan Pad Quick Start Guide eBook

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6 page eBook to help you get started with your Scan Pad. Covers configuring your machine to show your business name, saving images and video clips, and basic machine controls with a brief explanation of what they do and why. Finally, there is a list of advanced image optimisation techniques for when you become more confident with your scanning.



6 page downloadable guide in pdf format, to help you get started with your Scan Pad.


  1. Claire pascoe

    Claire pascoe (verified owner)

    This is a Fantastic download for scan-pad users and for the understanding of ultrasound features in general.
    I found that i use and adjust most of the settings every time i scan an animal and am familiar with what they do and how the images changes, However after printing this off and putting it to practice it has help to understand that as your are bettering one thing you may be decreasing something else in another area such as frame rate , Noise/ sound and picture quality, This Download is worth having even if its just a quick read,

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