Animal AI Project


  • We are currently collecting dog and goat pregnancy scans of any description, ideally with breed and gestational age (if you know it). These will be invaluable for later stages of this project.
  • For the first stage of the project, we are going to focus on automatic BPD calculation. This probably has not been your focus up until now, but next time you scan, try to see if you can find a skull that could be used for this measurement. More information below.

Project one: automated BPD detection and measurement

Tutorial from Yvette on how to perform a bipartietal diameter measurement, also detailed in this book, but for our purposes we do not need to actually perform the measurement – simply to obtain cine loops or stills of appropriate projections, like this video below:


A video like this would then be split into all of its component frames, and the AI would perform a BPD measurement on every one. The greatest diameter should give us the most accurate answer.

Of course, we must first train the AI to detect and measure BPD. We can do this on any breed we have validated data for, and can then apply this method to breeds we do not have data for, such as Nigerian Dwarf or LaMancha goats.

This page will be updated as we progress through the project. Speak to Catherine, or email Dativa, if you need any help submitting your videos for use.


Progress reports

Progress report – March 2021.