Free CPD Course: Introduction to Echocardiography

One hour of free online CPD: Introduction to Echocardiography

Free one-hour interactive foundation course on small animal echocardiography basics, designed for those with no previous experience. By the end of this course you will be able to recognise major landmarks from two key sonographic windows.

Register before the 29 February to be sent a link to start your course.  With online access, you can start your course any time and anywhere, and return to modules an unlimited number of times.

The four introductory modules include:-

  1. Say hello to the heart – Get familiar with the Apical 4-chamber view
  2. Surveying the heart – Learn the Right Parasternal Long Axis and Outflow views, from where you can quickly spot significant cardiac disease

  3. Turning 90 degrees – Learn to interpret the Right Parasternal Short Axis view

  4. Revise and test your knowledge through both short questions and our interactive echo labeling system.


This introductory course focuses on 2D imaging, meaning that almost anybody can get started right away – even if you do not own a machine with a phased array probe or Doppler capability. The views you will learn can even be obtained with a standard microconvex transducer.

If you have any questions about the course please contact us here.

The course is sponsored by Portable Ultrasound Machines.  We take your privacy seriously and will not share your information with 3rd parties. Once the course is complete we will send you a certificate.

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