The CPD Standards Office- A New Era For The AUA


Why Is AUA Becoming CPD Accredited?


Many people come to the AUA with stories of frustration; they’ve paid good money for training from a supposedly reputable, CPD accredited business, and left feeling no more knowledgeable than before. But with a certificate that tells them they’ve received training… We’ve heard this story countless times, and experienced our own frustration at how easy it is for other companies to offer inferior services while swindling people out of hard earned money simply by displaying a CPD symbol. 


At the AUA, we pride ourselves on excellent customer relations and the most thorough, expert-taught training available in the industry. We’ve built a formidable reputation for our ethical values. So why are we becoming CPD accredited?


There’s CPD, and then there’s CPD. 


As it stands, there is no umbrella body regulating the ultrasound or CPD industries. As we all know, it’s easy to find cheap scanning courses and receive cheap training, with a certificate at the end of it that is practically meaningless, and the same can be said for CPD courses. 


Our founder Catherine Stowell has spent 8 years building up the AUA from scratch. From day one, she has worked tirelessly to give our trainees the best value for money through attention to detail and ample time given to those that need added support, both during the training session and long after. Our reputation for turning out skilled, reliable professionals is widely known, and as a result, our AUA members enjoy successful careers in the industry, gaining long standing clients through referrals from the association and organic word of mouth. 


Considering our prestigious standing in the ultrasonography community, it was important for Catherine to find CPD accreditation that matched the diligence and industry standing that the AUA is synonymous with. Enter The CPD Standards Office!


The CPD Standards Office.


Continual Professional Development courses are fast becoming an essential element in all manner of industries. As an independent ultrasound or breeding practitioner, it’s crucial to be up to date and proficient in your area of expertise, and becoming accredited by The CPD Standards Office is just further endorsement of the superior content and teaching quality of our training.


Backed up by university-led research and overseen by an independent panel of experts ranging from academics to practicing industry professionals, The CPD Standards Office applies rigorous quality checks to ensure only the highest standards of training are being provided. It is a lengthy, in depth process that scrutinizes our content and methodology. Simply put, WE know that our courses are the best around, and it’s good to know they think so too.


You can look out for the CPD Standards Office symbol appearing on our website within the next month. In the meantime, please get in contact to find out more.
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