Questions from today’s marketing webinar


Thank you to all who attended today’s webinar on how to promote your canine scanning business online. The full recording is embedded here, with the question and answer session in text below.




Am I right in assuming to be a member of the AUA you have to have completed both Level 1 AND Level 2?

You can join as a partial member with only level 1 training, giving you access to your profile which you can then begin building. You can still upload and share your scans here. What you won’t have is active marketing support from the AUA.

Partial membership also gives you access to member-only articles, and discounts on products and services here – although the discounts that full members receive are far greater.


What is the benefit of joining the AUA if you have your own website and Facebook group?

If your website is already top of search engines in your area for animal pregnancy scanning, very well done. It’s becoming increasingly important to be found via a number of different channels, and being part of a professional body like the AUA gives you not only another channel through which you can connect with clients, but also verifies your skills and experience to anybody who may happen to be researching you or scanners in their area. As discussed in the webinar, the Animal Ultrasound Association also promotes your business through pay per click advertisements, articles which link through to you, and external advertising (such as through PreLoved).

Today’s webinar was on marketing, but that’s not all membership of the AUA gives you, of course!


Facebook reach is pretty low?! Not even every one that’s joined a group will see what you share, can be as low as 1%

Sara’s question was in response to the section on creating a Facebook business page, and Sara made a good point. I’ve read a lot about this myself, and the only way to ‘guarantee’ your posts get in front of clients on Facebook is to post regularly – and frequently. I used to think that anything over a post a day was excessive and potentially annoying, but with the new algorithms, nobody but your hardcore fans (who have you on ‘see first’) will see all of them… and your hardcore fans already love you so they certainly won’t mind!

Another tactic is to diversify across multiple social media platforms, because if someone doesn’t see your post on Facebook that day, they might see it on Twitter or Istagram. However, it’s my personal opinion that Facebook lends itself to the work that we do far better than any other social media platform at the moment. I don’t find a lot of use in Twitter, Istagram or even LinkedIn for small animal ultrasound scanning – let me know if your experience is different, though.


Catherine, we can’t hear you properly

I’m so sorry about this! I will make sure we have a second microphone for the next event.


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