Why you should be selective about where you list your pregnancy scanning business online


A member of our Facebook group recently posted a link to their website, encouraging people to list their businesses on there. The post was removed (we don’t allow advertising in our canine scanning group), but not after several people had volunteered their details for the site. But how helpful are such people really being?


Inbound links and SEO

It used to be the case that inbound links to your business were a quick fix to any ranking problems – and the more, the better. This soon lead to abuse, however, which Google quickly became wise to.

Nowadays, the Google algorithm doesn’t reward businesses with multiple inbound links. Instead, it assess the quality of these linking websites. Is the website authoritative? Does it have relevant content? Where is it hosted? The AUA scanner’s directory carefully fulfills these criteria in the following ways:

  • .org website custom-made for and by us – not an ‘off the shelf’ solution from Shopify, Wix or GoDaddy. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these options as place-holder websites, but they will be penalised by search engines in terms of website authority.
  • Relevant content in the form of blog articles, online training courses and webinars all focused around breeding and/or ultrasound. This month, we ran a webinar for goat breeders on goat diseases, and published a one hour cardiac ultrasound course for veterinarians, which was promoted by the Vet Times.
  • Fast, high-quality webhosting on local servers – not generic off-shore solutions.


As well meaning as our member may have been, a free Wix website, hosted on a foreign server, with no content except for a large number of outbound links would not do any UK businesses any favours in terms of Google rank. In fact, the quality score of such a website is so low that the impact may very well be negative if search engines perceive the website as being simply a link-generation site.


In summary

Be careful and selective about who you give your details to, particularly if you already have a website that comes up near the top of searches in your area for animal scanning. You could end up doing more harm than good.

As always, if you are a member of the Animal Ultrasound Association, uploading scans to your profile with a few words about the areas you scan in is the best way to broaden your reach on the Internet. This website is already highly ranked for search terms related to animal pregnancy scanning, and being a member entitles you to ‘piggyback’ off the back of this. Content is king – links are not.


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