Be included in the first ultrasound book for lay scanners!

Deadline for this submission: midnight on Saturday 4th August 2018.

If you would like to be included, please:

  • Save an image during a pregnancy scan, optimised as you would normally have it
  • Save another image (try not to move too much!), with your gain turned up really high
  • Save another image (again, trying to stay in the same place), with your gain reduced really low.

If you want to do this on multiple scans, that’s fine – the more the merrier. All stages of gestation welcome.

Send your pictures to contact at . If you need help exporting your images, just ask.

If your images are chosen for this chapter, you will be sent a transfer of copyright form, which transfers ownership of the images to the Animal Ultrasound Association CIC and therefore gives us freedom to reproduce them in print and online. However, you will always be credited for your images, wherever they are used.

Images taken on mobile phones cannot be accepted. You must save and export your images from your ultrasound machine (any make/model).