Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media

Facebook groups are a great way to share your scans and experiences, and learn from others, but it’s important to keep groups on topic and educational. It’s worth remembering that some people have been members of our Facebook groups for almost 10 years. Their advice, experience and time is to be valued – please respect other members by not advertising or posting your technical issues in their group.

Below are some common issues, and what you can do:


I have a scanner or probe I want to sell. What do I do?

If you want to upgrade, go back to your original seller to ask about trade-in deals. Most people have a scanner from Vet Image Solutions (VIS). Their number is 0208 432 9802.

If you want to sell it outright, you can sell through PortableUltrasoundMachines here, or you can list it yourself on marketplaces like eBay.

This includes thinly veiled attempts to get attention for your used equipment, such as “I know I can’t sell in this group, but I have a so-and-so machine I’m looking to sell, where can I sell it?” The admins know well enough that you are an intelligent human being. Have the same respect for their intelligence!

If you need help, contact a group admin or the AUA for advice.


My scanner isn’t working properly. What do I do?

Call or email your supplier immediately. Your supplier is the company or person who sold you your machine, not the brand/manufacturer of your scanner, who will have no record of your purchase. It’s a good idea to include a picture or detailed description of your issue so that they can help you.

Do not post technical support queries in our Facebook groups. There are no ultrasound engineers there to help you, and you are losing precious time. The sooner you alert your supplier to a problem, the sooner it can be sorted.

If you purchased from a supplier who is unable or unwilling to help (such as a scanner sourced direct from China or through a marketplace like eBay), private message an admin or get in touch with us at the Animal Ultrasound Association for help and advice.


Who should I use for insurance?

There’s a search bar to the left of all Facebook groups. Type “insurance” in there, and you will be able to read all of the past discussions on this topic.

Insurance companies do not offer to cover you with a loan machine should your scanner go in for repair. If you are looking for ultrasound machine breakdown cover, you can get this from the AUA here.


I have a cause I believe in / my dog is in a beauty competition / I’m fund raising

Speak to the group admin before posting your personal campaigns, fund raisers or request for votes in the group. As a general rule, though, these things are better kept on your personal profile, particularly if you are not a net contributor to the group (i.e. you are new or you have not posted anything in the group for several years).


I need help interpreting my scan images

Great! Post them in the group – ideally as exports from your scanner and not photographs of a screen – and people will be happy to help you.


Still not sure? Contact us using the form at the very bottom of this page, or message a group admin for help.


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