Contact the Animal Ultrasound Association directly on 0208 520 5070


Hi everyone! Last month, a new team member joined us at the Animal Ultrasound Association: Marguerita Alexandrou. She’s here for you every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

She’s been working on boosting the visibility of full members’ profiles online, as well as some awareness-raising work we’ll be doing at the end of the month (photos to follow in a couple of weeks!), starting at the next two VIS ultrasound training courses in Worcestershire and West Lothian. She’s also been working on securing sponsorship for the website, so that we have even more money to spend on promoting our members.

I have worked with you all for years, but it would be really nice for Marguerita – coming in with a fresh perspective – to be able to speak to some of you, learn your stories and find out your needs and ideas.

The Animal Ultrasound Association itself was created because of your feedback. All of the things we’re adding to it have come from your ideas. Even if you’re not a member of the AUA, we still want to hear from you. Maybe you want to learn more about the work that we’re doing; perhaps you have an idea of how the AUA could support your business better in your local area, or of a product or service you’re in need of that we can help you find. Perhaps you’re already a member and want to know how you can use your profile to its full potential, or maybe you could just spare 5 minutes to call and tell Marguerita how you became involved in scanning.

If you can spare your time to give Marguerita a call today or tomorrow on 0208 520 5070, we will send you out an AUA pen and 2x free 250ml bottles of ultrasound gel for your time!

You can also find out more about memberships here, and view our current products here.


Please note that you will NOT get hold of anyone at the Animal Ultrasound Association by calling Vet Image Solutions. VIS is a commercial company, dedicated to ultrasound equipment and training. The AUA is an independent organisation designed to protect and promote the work of appropriately trained and equipped scanning professionals worldwide.

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