Chapter 5: Scanning technique

Scan Technique – demonstrated by Yvette Lovis     Notice how methodical Yvette is as she demonstrates scanning up the midline, from bladder to liver and spleen.       The Appearance of Bowel Loops of bowel:   A 90 degree rotation of the probe switches a short-axis cut through the tubular bowel (where it appears as a circle) into a long-axis cut.     The Appearance of Maternal Kidney Kidney can be easily mistaken for something more sinister. The key is to optimise your image using the optimal frequency, focal point location, and depth, allowing you to see the structure as clearly as possible and be able to identify it correctly. Below is a cine loop of a kidney. Note how the depth is reduced so that the kidney fills up almost all of the imaging area. For anybody using a machine with Colour Doppler or Power Doppler, you can turn this mode on and use it to observe blood flow within the kidney.     Striking images can be obtained of the kidney with Doppler, leaving no doubt as to the identity of this structure:     Click here to return to library.
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