Apogee 1000 Lite

Powering off your system: Make sure you press the power button just once, quickly – do not press and hold. If you press and hold, you cause a ‘hard shutdown,’ which can cause problems with the software.


Changing exam modes

changing exam mode on the Apogee 1000












changing exam mode on the Apogee 1000













Adjusting focal point


Try the ‘full screen’ mode – it’s beautiful!

full screen mode on Apogee ultrasound machine













Adjusting frequency

Adjusting frequency













Adjusting depth

adjusting depth













Saving images, cine loops and long video clips – configure using the ‘Disk’ button



Viewing your saved files













Performing gestational age calculations

calculations on the Siui Apogee





























Returning to B-mode (from M-mode, Colour Doppler, etc.)

B-mode scanning