What accreditation bodies are there for lay pregnancy scanning?

Ultrasound Qualification

It is important to realise that there is no official qualification available to lay scanners in animal pregnancy scanning. This did not used to be a huge problem, but in a post-Trump world where qualifications count for nothing (and savvy marketing for everything), there are now a lot of choices out there for training in animal pregnancy scanning. How do you know which course to pick?

You could do one of two things:

  • Ask “is this person/company qualified to teach me?” Will attending a course with them mean anything and teach me anything? Will I be taught in the right way – to scan safely, and to work within my remit as a lay scanner so that I find myself working in partnership and not in conflict with my local veterinarians? It is only by attending courses run by specialist ultrasound companies and sonographers that you can be sure that you are learning from experts. Forget distractions like CPD badges and look instead at the qualifications of the teacher.
  • Come to the Animal Ultrasound Association for guidance. The AUA supports and accredits high standard pregnancy scanning courses in a number of countries around the world.

Sadly, to join the low quality ultrasound courses, we are now seeing the emergence of fake associations. A fake association can be spotted by:

  • The fact that it has no members.
  • It’s only mentioned by one website in the world (the one that claims it is accredited by them).
  • All the other companies and organisations that sponsor the association’s events are fake. They don’t exist.
  • Photographs from their conferences are from cardiac ultrasound courses, taken from stock photo websites.

What is the Animal Ultrasound Association?

The Animal Ultrasound Association is run with, by, and for our community of members, all of whom are professional animal scanners. This means that they have either hold a professional qualification (i.e. they are a veterinarian), or have been trained by somebody who does (by a sonographer).

Animal scanning is, regrettably, completely unregulated at present. Even the Animal Ultrasound Association is not an official body: achieving this status takes decades of work, campaigning and lobbying. We are, however, registered as a Community Interest Company. This means that we make full, public disclosure of all of our work every year, justifying our status as a CIC and explaining the ways in which we have supported our community and our mission to support and promote high standards in animal scanning. This means that, should we attempt to become an official body at some point in the future, we will already have our years of work in the public domain.


Any course accredited by the Animal Ultrasound Association has been written or delivered by a sonographer.


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