What is a paraprofessional ultrasound scanner?


A true paraprofessional is someone who works with and in support of the professionals in their field. At the Animal Ultrasound Association, veterinarians, sonographers and lay scanners all work hand-in-hand in pursuit of a common goal: high quality, safe use of ultrasound in animals.

Who can scan?

There are certain types of ultrasound examination that only a veterinarian can perform – for example, an echocardiogram. This is because its purpose is to rule in or out cardiac disease: in other words, to give a veterinary diagnosis.

You do not need to be a qualified veterinarian to perform a comprehensive small animal pregnancy scan, but you do have to be a qualified veterinarian to diagnose pathology or make judgements on the health of the bitch.

Well trained, responsible paraprofessionals recognise that their skills and experience are a great strength. They do not try to practice outside of their remit; instead, they use the fact that they specialise in one specific area of ultrasound, and provide people with an unbeatable experience: letting the owners be present during the scan, taking time to point out foetal anatomy, and recording images and videos for pet owners to cherish forever.

Our non-veterinarian AUA members have not only invested in high-quality training and equipment, but continue to invest in their learning by being part of our community and our mission. Many of our paraprofessionals are also extremely experienced dog or cat breeders, who can offer advice regarding whelping and puppy or kitten care.

Who else can be an AUA member?

While many of our members are dedicated paraprofessionals, many others are also qualified veterinarians, vet nurses or vet techs. One of our founding members is Kathryne Wrigley, a registered vet nurse. She holds a Dog Breeding Diploma (awarded with Distinction in 2010), served 4 years as President of the Gordon Setter Association, and is the Kennel Club Gordon Setter Health Coordinator. You can hear what she had to say when she visited the AUA at Crufts this year:

Interested in our courses?

If you’re interested in being trained by a qualified sonographer and becoming part of our community, you can visit our training events page to see our upcoming course dates.

If you have already been trained through the AUA, you can become a member here.

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