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Many AUA members save images and videos for their clients when they perform a pregnancy scan. For those of us who began scanning many years ago, it’s become habit to export the images off your scanner and email them over as attachments. Some people even let the client photograph or record from the ultrasound screen.

The problem with both of these methods is that it transfers control and ownership of your work to the client (ok, perhaps not legally, but that’s not what we’re talking about here). They can now forward those images and videos around to their friends on their phone, share them on Facebook, forward them via email, and so on. Your work could be shared to hundreds of people, yet you will receive little or not credit or benefit from that. It’s not that your client wouldn’t want to promote you, it’s that it’s simply not on their mind. They’re too excited about sharing the news of their future puppies!


Don’t turn down free advertising

As an AUA member, you have your own profile to which you can upload your scans. Once you have uploaded a client’s scan, by providing them the link to their pet’s images, you not only come across as more professional but you are also ensuring that every time they share those images with someone else or on social media, they are sharing your link. That not only promotes you and your business, but also your fellow AUA members who work in other regions of the UK to you, because through name recognition, the Animal Ultrasound Association is the organisation that more and more people will choose to turn to when they need a pregnancy scan for their animals.


How to upload your scans

  1. First of all, log into your account (the green login button, top right).
  2. In that same green box, it will now say “welcome” and your name. For example, mine says “WELCOME CATHERINE”. Click this, and then select “My Profile”

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3.  You will then see the option to “Upload new scan.” Click this.

Upload New Scan






4. The scan upload page requires that you add a title, description, and images and/or videos. In the “Scan Title” box, a good idea is to include the breed and geographical area. For example, “Pregnant Pug in Shortlands”. You can be more descriptive if you wish (“Pregnant Pug in Shortlands with at least 3 wriggly puppies!”), but the breed name and area are great starting points, because if someone is looking for a dog scan in Shortlands, they’re more likely to find you when you’ve been mentioning this area in your posts.

In “Description,” you can say as much or little as you like. For example, “I scanned this very well-behaved little pug today. Images and video clips below,” or “I scanned this very well-behaved little pug today. She is approximately 45 days pregnant. We saw at least 3 heartbeats, which are shown in the video clips below. You can also make out their spines and rib cages.”

5. Now that you’ve added your title and description, it’s time to upload your images or video clips. If you want to upload images, simply click the first green “Select Image” button. It will open up a box, from where you can navigate to the location you keep your images. If it’s on a USB stick, then you’ll need to navigate to your USB. If you are not confident in finding files on your computer, simply give us a call for help or fill in the contact form here to ask for a call back.

directory navigation









Each time you add a new image, make sure you select the next “Select Image” button down in the list. You do not have to upload an image into all 8 image slots. You can upload anywhere between 0 and 8.

Cine loops are even more popular than images, so ideally, you’ll have saved some of these if you use a machine like the Scan Pad. To upload these, scroll down the page and click the “Select File(s)” button beside “Video upload 1”. As before, navigate to the video you want to upload.

Video upload









6. Finally, you need to choose whether you want your work to be publicly listed on your profile, or kept unlisted. Then click “Submit.”


How to find your scan

If your scan is public, you can simply get the link from your AUA public profile page. If it is private, go back to ‘My Profile’ and select “Edit Existing Scans.” You will then have a list of all your scans. Your most recent one will be listed first, and by clicking the title in blue, you will be brought directly to that page.

Scan List












To share that with your client, you can either copy and paste the link from the URL bar, or use the ‘Share’ tool at the bottom of the page, from where you can click the email icon for the URL to be imported into a new email for you, or select your preferred social media platform (e.g. Facebook) to share it there.



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