Siberian Feline Cardiac Scan

  • Normal size left ventricle with increased wall thickness (6.1mm). Please note this has not been adjusted for weight
  • Decreased septal and lateral E' velocities (below 5cm/s), suggestive of diastolic dysfunction consistent with hypertrophy
  • E/A ratio <1, E/E' ratio 1.5
  • Dilated left atrium
  • Good biventricular systolic function
  • No valvular stenosis. Trivial mitral regurgitation. No systolic anterior motion or obstruction


Good biventricular systolic function. Increased wall thickness with impaired relaxation.

This has not been checked by a veterinarian and does not constitute a formal report. Veterinary referral recommended, with follow-up full echocardiogram.

Image 1
Image 2