Jessie and Maisie, Cocker Spaniels


Jessie the Cocker Spaniel lives in Edgware. She is 37 days post-mating, and we identified several healthy and energetic puppies wiggling around inside of her. The limb buds are very clear at this stage of gestation, as are the strong heartbeats.

Jessie's daughter, Maisie, is just a few days behind at 29 days post-mating. Maisie's gestation sacs are not only smaller but also more circular, even through their long axis. The embryos can be seen inside but it's not possible to discern many recognisable features at this early stage. It's amazing to think that in only another week, Maisie's puppies will be as lively and well-developed as Jessie's - and Jessie's pups' beating hearts will then be surrounded by a highly echogenic rib cage. At this stage they will be even more recognisable as little puppies!

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