Honey the Cocker Spaniel’s heart on ultrasound


The following images are taken from a single view (right parasternal, dog in standing position) and do not constitute a veterinary diagnosis or substitute for a professional veterinary echocardiogram.


Left Ventricle: Appears normal in size with good overall systolic function. No obvious regional wall motion abnormalities. Diastolic function not assessed. 

Right Ventricle: Not seen.

Left Atrium: Appears normal in size.

Right Atrium & IVC: Not seen.

Mitral Valve: Thin and mobile mitral valve leaflets. No stenosis. Difficult to comment on regurgitation from a single view but no significant regurgitation seen.

Aortic Valve: Structurally normal without obvious stenosis or regurgitation.

Tricuspid Valve: Not seen.

Pulmonary Valve: Some regurgitation - ?physiologically normal

Pericardium: No significant pericardial effusion.