Goat Scanning in Worcestershire


We didn't realise, when we visited Woodhall Farm, that we'd be meeting someone with so much experience in animal care. Sharon keeps a variety of animals, all with their own large areas of land on which to play. We scanned goats Rose and Gwen outdoors with the SonoScape S6v, and then accompanied Sharon down the road to meet her friend, Phoebe.

We scanned 6 of Phoebe's goats using the Scan Pad and a convex probe, reducing the frequency for the larger ones. Phoebe had a turn at scanning the last one, and managed to get a beautiful image showing the kid's heart and rib cage. Note how she holds her transducer steady in order to optimise her image - not an easy skill on the lubricated skin of a wriggly goat!

Youtube Video