Bella from SW20

Bella the French Bulldog came all the way from Wimbledon for her 30 day scan. Even at such an early stage, the flicker of a heartbeat could be seen within the gestation sacs. Due to the early stage of her pregnancy, the best way to calculate gestational age was using the diameter of the gestational sacs themselves. Bella's sacs were measuring at an average of just under 2.1cm, giving an estimated gestational age of 32 days. All gestational age calculations have a tolerance of 3 days, so this puts Bella's pregnancy between 29-35 days. Judging by how circular the sacs appear, having not yet assumed the more oval shape seen in later pregnancy, Bella's owners are likely spot on with their judgement of her being at 30 days on the day of her scan.
Two weeks later: The second video is Bella again, exactly two weeks on. The difference in the development of her pups is astonishing. Now, we can see spines and ribs, as well as limbs kicking about!