ScanPad & ScanX Controls


Reserve your place here for a short (30 minute) session focusing on the controls of the ScanPad, ScanPad+ and ScanX ultrasound machines, to be held at 10am on Thursday the 16th of September 2021 with sonographer Catherine Stowell.

This short Zoom session will begin with a recap for ScanPad and ScanX users on basic machine controls, before going into the location and adjustment of more advanced controls typically covered on a level 2 course.

This is not designed as a substitute for level 1 or 2 training, and time cannot be given to recapping basic physics for those who have not yet been trained. The purpose of this course is as a short revision session only, as well as familiarity with the location of controls for those who have recently upgraded to a ScanPad+ or ScanX ultrasound machine.

If you have attended a level 2 course in the past 12 months (either in person or online), you may attend this session for free. Please contact Dativa for help with this. AUA members are reminded to login to view their discount.

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This training session is open to all. The focus will be on the location of controls on the ScanPad and ScanX series of ultrasound machines, but those considering ultrasound for the first time or with ultrasound machines from another manufacturer are welcome to attend – just please be aware that time cannot be given to answering questions pertaining to general ultrasound. This course is not to be used as a substitute for professional level 1 and 2 training. If you are interested in attending a full level 1 or 2 training course, we now run these in conjunction with our training partners regularly online. Please contact us for more information, or view our events calendar.

Why are you charging £25 for this?

We have had to introduce a nominal fee for most of our short training courses because of high rates of non-attendance for complimentary courses. Registering for a course and then not attending prevents others from taking that space, and wastes the time of our trainers. Your £25 goes directly towards supporting our continued efforts to promote safe ultrasound scanning in our communities, and will not be given as a salary for any of our trainers or support staff.

All of our trainers give their time to the Animal Ultrasound Association voluntarily and in support of our mission.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?

No. This is not a training course. It is a short webinar to revise the location and adjustment of controls on the ScanPad or ScanX series of ultrasound machine.


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