Full UK Membership

£80.00 / year

Benefits of full UK membership include:

  • Clients can verify your status as an accredited scanner online. You will also receive your unique membership card and number.
  • You will have your own member area on the Animal Ultrasound Association website, where you can store and share your scans with clients.
  • Access to member-only educational articles and training modules, as well as the AUA Facebook group.
  • Promotion and online marketing of your business in your local area by the Animal Ultrasound Association.
  • Discounts on other products as services, such as ultrasound breakdown cover and future training courses.



You must meet the following prerequisites to become a fully accredited member of the Animal Ultrasound Association (AUA):

  • Have completed sonographer-led AUA-approved training courses, such as the VIS courses (levels 1 and 2), hold a BNVA-approved vet nurse ultrasound qualification, or be a licensed veterinarian.
  • Have a minimum of 6 months’ scanning experience.

If you do not yet meet the above criteria, don’t worry! You can sign up as a partial member for now, and upgrade your membership later. If for any reason you sign up as a full member but do not meet the above criteria, you will simply be refunded in full and your membership canceled.

You will also be asked to upload three scans to your member area within 8 weeks of joining. This is to allow one of our in-house sonographers to give you feedback (confidentially) on your work, and will also provide material that will help us to promote your business. One of our team will be on hand to talk you through this simple process.


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