Online Training for Dog Ultrasound

Online training for dog ultrasound

Book online training with Catherine Stowell, author of Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Scanning.

Catherine has been teaching ultrasound to veterinarians and breeders since 2010. She is a practicing echocardiographer within the National Health Service, and a research sonographer at Imperial College, London.

Choose a time and date below for your training. You can choose to pay in GBP or USD at checkout (if you want to pay in US dollars, just pick “US” on the next screen). Groups are kept small and personal – maximum of two students per session.

Upon completion of your course, you will be granted access to the AUA’s online training modules for canine pregnancy scanning. You will receive a certificate within 3 weeks of completing your training session.

Times are stated in GMT/BST (London, England), please refer to table below for the equivalent time in your area.

PST 9:00 AM
EST 12:00 PM
CST 11:00 AM
MST 10:00 AM
HST 7:00 AM
AKST 8:00 AM
AST 1:00 PM
NST 1:30 PM
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