Full litter absorption :( awareness post

What Is Puppy Absorption?

Commonly termed in the medical field as canine fetal resorption, a puppy absorption is a biochemical process in which the tissues of a live fetal organism, in this case, the puppy, begins to deteriorate and decompose. This is a process of disintegration of the enzymes in the fetus when it’s still inside the womb that allows for a complete obliteration of the organism resulting in total reabsorption. Fetal absorption is not to be mistaken with embryo loss in which the embryo is reabsorbed during an earlier stage of gestation.

As a rule, after a certain amount of days (44 days roughly), puppy absorption cannot be performed because of the development of the skeletal bones, those of which cannot be reabsorbed. For this reason, a canine reabsorption can only occur during the earlier stages of pregnancy when the fetus is made up of mostly soft tissues.

Most puppy absorptions happen to only one or two puppies in the litter. Yet, it may occur that an entire litter of puppies gets absorbed.
Unlike a miscarriage, the fetus does not leave the dam’s body after death. During fetal resorption, the dam’s body begins to absorb the placental tissue, followed by the actual fetus itself. The puppy that has been reabsorbed literally disappears from the litter and uterus. The puppy’s body dissolves in the natural chemical process and often causes much confusion to outsiders who are not familiar with this term. This systematic approach in the dam’s body actually works as an advantage to her as it is dangerous to abort a fetus within a litter if the other pups survive and make it through the birthing process successfully. The act of absorption eliminates the risk of anything unsettling happening to the mum during the remaining of the pregnancy, and at delivery.

The pic below shows a positive pregnancy scan at 30 days gestation.
Rescan at 7wks and nothing left.
6 puppies absorbed and 1 stillborn mummified 😪 so sad.

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