How to get the most out of social media


The AUA has its own dedicated Facebook group, for advanced pregnancy scanners. People who are learning animal ultrasound scanning for the first time will often join the VIS Facebook group, designed for individuals with safe and appropriate ultrasound equipment to share pictures, videos and experiences with each other. As a closed group, this area represents a ‘safe area’ for learning about dog pregnancy scanning, free from clients.

After many years of scanning, however, some members understandably become jaded by the same questions coming up time and time again. If you are new to scanning and social media, here are some tips for how to get your question answered:

  • Include as much information as possible. The group exists for the benefit of all. Even the most basic of questions, if asked in the right way, can help others; so before you post, think about what information you can give to make your question relevant and helpful to other people.
  • Subsequently, a blur of grey with the caption “pregnant or not???” won’t usually get you much of a response. What you’re asking of other members is not only to do your work for you, but to do it irresponsibly; nobody can confirm a viable pregnancy from a single frame, and certainly never from a beginner’s out-of-focus picture of intestines. Instead, explain the scenario. Who are you, what did you do? What problems did you face during the scan, and how did you try to rectify them? What other images did you obtain, besides this one?
  • Show or tell us a few of your settings. This demonstrates to others that you did more than just place the transducer against the dog’s skin, give up after 30 seconds, and turn to Facebook for an answer. By taking the time to tell us your key settings, you also give people a clue as to how they can help you. For example, if you tell us you scanned a large dog at 8MHz, people may suggest that you try next time at around 4MHz for better penetration – but if you hadn’t given people any clues as to yours settings, they would not have known this.

People really enjoy helping people who they can see are trying.

So remember:

  • More images
  • More information

= more help!


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