Some images from level 1 training in Worcestershire

Sunset in Worcestershire

The Animal Ultrasound Association accredits the VIS level 1 and 2 canine pregnancy scanning training courses, and this week, we were in beautiful Worcestershire.


Sunset in Worcestershire


Yvette saved this beautiful kidney image, which a few members of the group wanted a copy of:


kidney on ultrasound


Here it is in video format:


There is a poster of the canine female reproductive anatomy, as well as ultrasound images of the typical appearance of kidney, liver, spleen and gestation sacs, made by Yvette. You can get an A3 copy of this poster for your wall here. There are also plenty of examples in our recommended course textbook, Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Scanning, as well as a chapter on performing measurements and using your machine’s gestational age calculations, for those who want to get a head start on level 2.

Here’s a pregnancy clip from the day. Notice the flicker of the heartbeat:


Thank you all for a wonderful day, and your kind feedback. It was great to meet you all and find out about your stories and varied reasons for learning more about ultrasound. Please stay in touch, and you can like/follow the AUA Facebook page by clicking here.


Level 1 training group



Rural Worcestershire




  1. It’s amazing how far modern technology can take us these days, those images are incredible. I’m an animal reiki practitioner, so kind of on the other side of things but I love to see how tech can help animals too.

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