Considering becoming a scanner?

Considering becoming a scanner?

Ultrasound scanning is highly rewarding, and can be a great addition to any breeding, whelping, microchipping, farm or even grooming service. Many serious breeders choose to specialise in ultrasound simply for their own animals. A handful of individuals do run businesses which specialise purely in ultrasound scanning – but with the caveat that they are willing to clock up a lot of miles and scan a large variety of different animal species. Ultrasound scanning is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme, and the people who do best in the industry are those who do it out of their love of working with animals.

If you are thinking about becoming a scanner – great! If you want to make it part of your business, we recommend checking our directory and to see if there are other already established scanners near you.
Also bear in mind that becoming fully trained takes time, patience, and significant financial investment (expect to pay £2000-£4000 for a suitable ultrasound scanner, and at least £370 to become fully trained).

You cannot ‘play’ at ultrasound when it involves:

  • Dealing with animals at the most sensitive time of their adult lives
  • Dealing with animals who have the potential to have a condition requiring immediate recognition and referral to a veterinarian
  • Using a technology which deposits energy into the body, and therefore has the potential for harm

The wellbeing of animals, and your own reputation and investment, depend upon you having the equipment, training and experience to perform a thorough and responsible examination every single time.

If you are prepared to make this investment, please visit our events page for information on upcoming training days.

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