Chapter 8: Developmental Stages

Developmental Stages From as early as day 35-39, bone ossification begins. Watch Yvette scan this later gestation pregnancy in the video clips below.     Below, Yvette demonstrates rotating the probe by 90 degrees, and identifies the stomach and bladder. Yvette remarks that she can see the four chambers of the heart – this tells us that the gestational age must be over 40 days.     Below, Yvette gets a profile of a puppy in view, before rotating her probe to obtain a cross-section of the muzzle to answer a question about cleft palates. Yvette is an obstetric sonographer, and identifying developmental abnormalities is an important part of her job. It is not suggested that, as non-veterinarians, we could routinely screen for cleft palates, particularly as it is not always possible to be sure you have visualised every puppy in the litter in one examination. However, there is some suggestion of a link between the incidence of ‘water puppies’ (see ‘Chapter 13: When is a pregnancy not normal?’) and cleft palates, and, with a lot of experience of sequentially scanning through normal puppies, you may one day notice such abnormalities incidentally. It is suggested that you save multiple cine loops from such a scan, to compare with the findings of a veterinarian or post-whelping, as this is important data that is currently lacking from the literature.     Seeing a heartbeat Below are some video clips of foetal heartbeats. Spotting a heartbeat in early pregnancy is a lot more challenging, so if you are new to scanning, don’t worry if you cannot pick up the flickering heart straight away. You may even wish to start at the more advanced stages of pregnancy further down the page, and return to the early pregnancy examples afterwards.   Early Pregnancy The below...

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