Chapter 14: Advanced Image Optimisation & Ultrasound Artefacts

Chroma Chroma is a popular feature on veterinary ultrasound scanners. Below are some examples of it in use. First, here is a comparison of images taken a minute apart, one with chroma turned off and the other turned on:     Most machines will have a variety of colour washes to choose from. Here is a more warm toned option, from Samantha Cruickshanks. In the second image, you can see that Samantha has reduced her depth by 4cm:     Nina Fotara captured this striking image of an advanced pregnancy using the same colour as Samantha:   Jeffrey Miller scans with a mechanical sector scanner (the MSU), and often uses a blue colour wash to enhance his images, seen below in some early pregnancies:   Below, Yvette uses chroma to help her pick out the uterine body. Her original diagram is included below.   Acoustic Shadowing It is not uncommon to find cysts in the liver, but we can tell that this large mass is not a fluid-filled cyst because it is not pure black inside, like the bladder would be. It has a highly reflective border and it is attenuating so much ultrasound energy that an acoustic shadow is cast distal to the structure, obscuring everything beneath it.     Click here to return to library.
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