Feb 2017

Once you sign up to the Animal Ultrasound Association, you will receive your membership card within two weeks. This will display your unique membership number, which allows people to verify you and your training. It is important to set your new account up correctly, and use it to its maximum potential. Follow the steps in our video below:   The AUA will also begin working to get your business ranked on search engines, for people looking for a scanner in your local area. You can accelerate this process by uploading your scans to......

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Jan 2017

The AUA has its own dedicated Facebook group, for advanced pregnancy scanners. People who are learning animal ultrasound scanning for the first time will often join the VIS Facebook group, designed for individuals with safe and appropriate ultrasound equipment to share pictures, videos and experiences with each other. As a closed group, this area represents a ‘safe area’ for learning about dog pregnancy scanning, free from clients. After many years of scanning, however, some members understandably become jaded by the same questions coming up time and time again. If you are new to......

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Oct 2016

At this year’s Hammersmith Echocardiography Conference, Professor Petros Nihoyannopoulos (Imperial College, London) spoke of the importance of cooperation and open discussion between sonographers (in this case, echocardiographers), and the pitfalls of ‘echo in isolation’ in the context of the rapidly evolving imaging modality that is ultrasound (Nihoyannopoulos, 2016). These same principles apply to ultrasound technicians across the board: from human to veterinary, from professional to paraprofessional. Indeed, the importance of an association for self-employed lay scanners, who would otherwise practice in isolation, is arguably even more vital. A commitment to continued learning is a responsibility that comes with the......

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