Canine Pregnancy Scanning in Lincolnshire

Karen Johnson has been scanning for 12 years, and – unmatched in either training or experience – has established herself as the leading professional for canine pregnancy ultrasound scanning in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

When Karen first began scanning, it was a very new field for non-veterinarians. Most lay scanners at that time had honed their skills scanning sheep, and saw canine scanning as a bit of an add-on, particularly outside of their busy season. For Karen, though, dogs were to be her main focus. With over 30 years of experience showing and breeding dogs, ultrasound was to become an invaluable tool for Karen’s own animals – but once she’d mastered it, it wasn’t long before her skills were in high demand from other dog owners and breeders in her area.

Karen can:

– Scan your bitch in a calm and comfortable environment
– Confirm pregnancy in your bitch from 30 days+
– Provide you with images of the pregnancy

Her training and experience is fully verified and accredited by the Animal Ultrasound Association.

You can book an appointment with Karen now by filling out her contact form here.

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