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What is Dynamic Range?

‘Dynamic range’ is a control on professional ultrasound machines and refers to the range in amplitude (strength) between the strongest and weakest echoes detected by the transducer. The dynamic range of an ultrasound transducer needs to...

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Cotyledons on ultrasound

The Ruminant Uterus On Ultrasound

The uterus is comprised of three main layers – the perimetrium, myometrium and endometrium. The perimetrium is a thin membrane which secretes lubricating fluids. The myometrium consists of smooth muscle which facilitates contractions, which...

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Update on our work

The Animal Ultrasound Association was established to improve the standard of ultrasound imaging for animals in the United Kingdom and, eventually, beyond. This was largely in response to the experiences of canine scanners who...

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Cow's uterus

Uterine wells in canines

This article follows on from a (ultimately rather heated!) discussion in our Facebook group. Both our beginners’ and AUA-members-only groups are forums where scanners-in-training and established scanning professionals, respectively, can safely and privately discuss...

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