Scam Warning: Bevera Bulk Ltd

We have been made aware that one of our members has been scammed by a company called Bevera Bulk Ltd, based in Canada (484 Langlaw Drive, Cambridge).

This company is purportedly run by individuals going by the names of Greg Jefferson and Botelho. They claim to manufacture PPE, ultrasound gel, hand sanitiser and other medical and clinical products.

Together with their fully complicit partners Bimar Trading in Malaysia, these individuals are running a scam whereby they produce a small fraction of the goods ordered, send photographs as evidence of their existence, and then when payment is made, close off all channels of communication.

We have reviewed all of the evidence and correspondence, as well as the abuse suffered by our member via WhatsApp from one of the individuals (‘Botelho’) when contacted to ask about the order. Copies of this cowardly exchange can be provided upon request.

We hold the crime reference number on file and encourage anybody who has been similarly affected to get in touch. We support our members and the worldwide community in seeking justice against criminals.