Become confident obtaining & interpreting your echocardiograms

Obtaining your views is only a small part of echocardiography. The greater challenge is interpreting them.

If you want to not only get all your views, but also confidently interpret and report your own scans, you may just be an ideal fit for our programme. Our approach to building confidence in echocardiography combines teaching modules designed to accelerate your learning, with lifelong support and mentorship from expert echocardiographers: feedback and a second opinion, whenever you need it. Fill out the form below to setup a free consultation, and see whether our programme is a good fit for you.

What if I book a call but the programme is not the best choice for me?

If we think another pathway would suit you better, we will offer this guidance for you on the call, too. If you would rather email us or there are no convenient time slots available for you on our booking link, you can email us here.

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