Is it safe?

Ultrasound has an impeccable safety record, in large part due to a commitment by those who use it to do so appropriately. This means that they use the right equipment for the job; understand the physics behind the equipment they are using and know, therefore, how to use it appropriately and safely; and invest in ongoing professional development, staying up to date with the latest developments in ultrasound.

In the wrong hands, ultrasound certainly has the potential to do harm. It deposits sound energy into the body, which when used correctly and at the appropriate time of gestation, will do no harm at all. However, at certain periods of gestation, the foetus is more sensitive to heat than others, and this knowledge informs scanning time windows and power output settings of scanning professionals.

In addition, true scanning professionals invest in a machine and transducers which are appropriate to the task in hand. Responsibly sourced scanning machines will be CE marked, properly calibrated for animal use, and will have the Thermal Index and Mechanical Index accuratley measured and displayed on the monitor.

By using an AUA approved scanning professional, you can be sure that the equipment they use complies with current EU safety standards, and that the individual in question has been properly trained and continues to be actively involved in their ultrasound education.

By using an AUA scanner, we can protect the reputation of our industry and the health of your animals, and ensure that pregnancy scanning remains  safe.